This work presents the result of the final part of the Master Study Program in Geoinformatics at the Faculty of Science, Palacky University in Olomouc.

Since 1997 the actual administrator of the Czech Orienteering Federation Map Archive Zdenek Lenhart started to collect, sort and manage maps for orienteering and information about them. He started to fill the information to the Microsoft Database (MDB) format through Microsoft Access application. Year by year he had more and more maps to fill in, many times he changed database scheme a fairly easier to put records in. The geographic part of the data, meaning the outline of each mapped area was drawn in OCAD application which is the best one for making maps for orienteering.

There were many successful and the unsuccessful attempts to built an application allowing searching and visualization of the data from Archive. Most of them were just tabular. A fundamental improvement was done by Lukas Svoboda in 2004 with his bachelor thesis Mapserver for orienteering. He made some changes in the database structure to simplify migration of data from Microsoft Access to the mapserver. The web map application he made as the main result of his work brings an easy way to access the data from Map Archive. It was the first application with the full access to the geographical data of map outlines. This application is still available from URL address: From 2006 to 2008 the administrator of Map archive scanned all maps to the raster files and author of this thesis added them to the application mentioned above. It was another big step for viewing Map archive information.

The first idea of making a new web application is dated in 2008. The possibility to add data about maps easily through internet browsers and give users availability to see added records immediately were main goals in thoughts of new application. Increasing amount of new maps and therefore growing amount of work needed for adding records to the database was also one of the main reasons for developing the new web application. Good idea is to spread this work among more volunteers. Nowadays the whole work is done by Zdenek Lenhart.

Year by year the needs to have new application were growing. Finally in 2010 a cooperation was set between T-MAPY company (part of T-KARTOR group) and a supervisor of the present thesis.