The aim of the diploma thesis was the analysis of cognition of the interactive 3D models using the eye-tracking method. The eye-tracking method is mostly used for a research of static stimuli. Because of that there are lot of various methods of analyzing data from static testing. The interactive testing is perspective but still a new method in the field of science so there are no prevalent methods of its visualization. This thesis focuses on testing of a new tool for eye-tracking analysis of interactive 3D models created by Lukáš Herman. This tool is compatible with eye-tracking devices available at the Department of Geoinformatics of the Palacký University in Olomouc.

The experiment was made and then was performed the eye-tracking testing. The main goal was processing the data obtained by the testing and in particular their digitalization and visualization. The steps of whole process were in the thesis described in detail. The thesis presents possible and suitable methods of visualization of the data from the eye-tracking testing of interactive 3D models, e.g. creation of 3D layers or animations. Based on the visualization of the data was evaluated a user cognition. The next purpose of the thesis was a verification of the tool functionality and effectiveness of the whole process and last but not least a suggestion for the future utilization.