Vybrané aspekty uživatelského vnímání kartografických děl


Bachelor thesis was proceeded on the department of geoinformatics , Science faculty of Palackého University in Olomouc.

The aim of the Bachelor thesis was to evaluate particular aspects in the user perception of cartographic works with the help of the available methods. The main aim was to realize the testing of user perception on the base of several different cartographic products and to focus on varied groups of users, and then to evaluate possible differences and specifics. For the evaluation, the users were divided into following groups: cartographer / non-cartographer and male / female.

The applied method were the eye-tracking and the questionnaire research. There were three testing parts with the eye-tracking method and one type of the questionnare research realized. Questionnare research is possible to visit on http://vnimani-map.wz.cz.

The aim of the first testing was to find out how the user uses the legend and whether he understands it or not, and therefore his searching for required information takes more time. The second testing was focused on various map styles and their perception by different groups of users. The third testing part explored the most suitable arrangement of the compositional elements, the most expressive method and the symbol that best corresponds to the association of the real object. The questionnaire research was involved as a supplement of the third testing by the eye-tracking method. It consisted of similar maps as the third testing.



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