The bachelor thesis is focused on the evaluation functionality tools of Experiment Center and Begaze on map composition. Because theme map composition is very complex, so experiment was created on the perception of legend. The aim of the experiment was to assign a point in the map field visualized by cartogram to the correct the legend. It was examined the effect of the position legend on the correct answers. The experiment was tested on a group of students with knowledge of cartography (geoinformatics students) and students without knowledge of cartography (especially students of the Faculty of Education). Test results showed that the most suitable location for the legend is to the right of the map field. The least suitable location is based on the results below the map field. The basis in the manual for a detailed description of software Experiment Center served created experiment. The manual describes the elements to create an experiment, setup options and their impact on testing. The measured data were used to evaluate the methods offered by the software BeGaze. Each method has been tested, evaluated and described in detail with all available parameters. Manual includes a description and process export the results obtained data processed in the BeGaze, or import data obtained from testing Experiment Center. The manual was developed as part of the thesis in the form of bound Annex and digital form in PDF format available from the server of the Department of Geoinformatics.

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